About Us
On April 2013, Regional One joined Exchange Income Corporation (“Exchange Income”) and its other existing investments in aviation companies. Exchange Income is a publicly owned Canadian company that is designed to invest in profitable, well-established companies with strong cash flows operating in niche markets in Canada and/​or the United States and to distribute stable monthly cash dividends to its shareholders.
To do this, it invests in companies for the long term with no intention of selling; retains current management and works with them to grow their companies. Exchange Income currently owns subsidiaries in two niche business segments, aviation and specialty manufacturing. For additional information, please visit their website: www.exchangeincomecorp.ca.

Our Team

Incorporated since 2004, Regional One is led by a dedicated and dynamic team of highly experienced senior aviation industry professionals with deep and diverse backgrounds in domestic and international regional aerospace markets. We offer you over 100 years of collective experience in various facets of the aviation industry including:


  • Engine Leasing 

  • Aircraft leasing 

  • Aircraft airframe support 

  • Engine parts support 

  • Management — including third party portfolio management services 


Our expertise and core competencies are directed at the worldwide regional aviation after-market — in particular the 36 to 120 seat capacity jet and turbo-prop aircraft sector.


At Regional One our goal is to be your valued partner by offering you first-class, dependable assets and reliable solutions. We measure our success by building a strong reputation for excellence and combine it with a sincere commitment to quality, integrity and business ethics. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced workforce are key to our success and longevity as a supplier to the regional aviation community.

AOG 24/7

Regional One offers AOG services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our advanced systems allow our on-call personnel to verify stock availability and access trace documents any time of day or night. Our close proximity to the Miami International Airport gives us multiple shipping options, even during off hours. Regional One strives to help keep your aircraft where they belong, in the air, and not on the ground.

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