Engine Services

Repair Management 

Let Regional One handle the management of repairs /overhauls of your rotable parts and components. Having established relationships with a number of FAA and/or EASA approved and certified repair companies we can handle your repairs, modifications, and inspections without hassle. With Regional One being TAC2000 certified and a member of ASA we conduct yearly quality surveys of our repair vendors and maintain copies of their certifications.



In addition to purchasing surplus inventories from airlines, Regional One has dismantled a number of aircraft for spare parts including but not limited to 5 Aerospatial ATR42's and 1 ATR72-500 and have one of the world's largest spare parts inventories for the ATR family of aircraft. Regional One has also dismantled 10 Bombardier DCH-7's and several DCH-8's. Along with the inventory we own, we are also managing and warehousing a number of consignment inventories.


Regional One deals with BAE Systems, Embraer, Fokker, SAAB and of course Aerospatial and Bombardier. So with over 60,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, thousands of line items of inventory and hundreds of these currently serviceable and overhauled, there is a high probability we have the parts ready to meet your purchasing needs.



Regional One offers flexible exchange rates and types including flat rate exchanges and exchange plus the cost of repairs and warranty exchange. With over 60,000 sq. ft. of surplus parts, thousands of line items of inventory and hundreds of these serviceable and overhauled, there is a high probability we have the part ready to meet your exchange demands.


Regional One also provides exchange pool services for various regional aircraft types and works extensively with our partners to provide advance exchange services for PBH and fixed cost maintenance type programs.


Looking to sell exchange or trade your engine for a serviceable or freshly overhauled one? Regional One is your answer. We stock a variety of Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A, PW100, Honeywell/Lycoming ALF 502 and General Electric CF34 series engines.



In addition to Aircraft and Engine leasing, Regional One also provides leasing solutions for a wide variety of individual Aircraft parts as well as parts packages: including Engine QEC kits, Propeller Assemblies, Landing Gears, APU's and more. Our goal is to meet our customer's needs, both short-term and long-term. Please contact us to see how our parts leasing solutions may accommodate you now and in the future.


Sales & Lease Back

Under a sale-leaseback arrangement, Regional One will purchase your aircraft parts and lease them back to you. There will be no interruption or disruption of aircraft operations and you will now have the extra cash needed for other purposes. A sale-leaseback transaction may satisfy your company's need for cash and desire to re-deploy the equity of your aircraft parts and may potentially offer tax advantages. Please contact us for all your purchase leaseback needs.

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