Aircraft Services


Regional One offers operational leases for Bombardier DHC 7 and DHC 8, British Aerospace BAe146 and ATP and ATR42 aircraft. We're always in the market to purchase regional aircraft, either on- or off-lease and our dedicated sales and leasing professionals have the knowledge and experience to structure the lease type suitable to you.


Sales & Lease Back

Under a sale-leaseback arrangement, Regional One will purchase your aircraft and lease the aircraft back to you. There will be no interruption or disruption of aircraft operations and you will now have the extra cash needed for other purposes. A sale-leaseback transaction may potentially offer tax advantages, satisfies the company's need for cash and desire to re-deploy the equity of the aircraft or to hedge against obsolescence of the aircraft. Please contact us for all your purchase leaseback needs. 


Asset Valuation

Regional One provides industry-standard third party comprehensive inspection and document review for all types of regional aircraft products. Our highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced staff combined with years of industry experience, assures you that we will fairly and accurately validate inventory net present values, liquidated or near future predicted values.
If you are an owner or have a financial interest in an aircraft, engine or parts inventory, let us recommend the best method for disposal to maximize your return on investment. Flexible customer terms and conditions will equate to stronger revenues for you over customary disposal options such as liquidation, wholesale selloff or auction.



Regional One currently offers BAe146-100 and -200 under ACMI program for operation worldwide.

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